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foose: No worries. Some things we’ll agree on, some we won’t. It really doesn’t matter on some of it.

It’s sort of like TOB/PJ. I wanted PJ when we hired TOB and didn’t want any part of TOB. The entire time we had TOB, I always compared PJ’s results to his because those were our choices at the time. Once we were done with TOB, then the PJ thing kind of ended in my mind because that chapter was past. It’s the same with Canada. He’s gone now, and so be it. He did some things well, and some things poorly.

I agree that I liked the emphasis on running. I hope we can continue with that. I believe offenses have to have be able to run in order to throw and that a defense needs an offense to be able to run the ball to protect the lead, rest them, and ultimately keep points off the board.

I just hope our ability to run the ball didn’t walk out the door with the OL coach. I thought that was drastically improved, all things considered.