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You’re making yourself look a little foolish in trying to defend a statement that was not true. Canada did not get the OL coach fired. Canada is not why Beliema is at Arkansas. Beliema was Alvarez’s hand picked successor, and that was long before he left coaching. Budget expenditures, or lack there of, including the athletic dept NOT allowing Beliema to give assistants raises, including Canada, does have a lot to do with it.

OC’s don’t hire OL coaches. There was no ‘rogue’ OL coach. Horrid does not mean rogue. The OL coach was Beliema’s mistake. He essentially admitted it. The OL coach taugh ‘his’ way. That is why he was hired.

There’s different philosophies and methods in OL execution. The OL coach hired by Beliema tought it a certain way, a way that did not jive with a power running game. You hire a coach for his skill and methodologies. You don’t hire him only to tell him once he’s on board you want him to change his philosophy and coach a completely different way. You don’t hire Chip Kelly and tell him he must run a Chuck Knox offense.

There was no ‘power struggle’. The HC is the HC. There was disagreement, and friction.

I’m not arguing DD’s decision. It’s the rewriting of history that is a pet peeve.