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This was a bad hire to start with. If you’ve followed Canada’s previous stops you know that he is one of the reasons (along with the AD) that Bielema is down at Arkansas. He was also so bad that the OL coach got fired about four games through the season as the fall guy

Now you all are just making stuff up. Nothing personal Rye, but geesh, this stuff has been getting more and more prevalent here.

Canada’s last two stops were at Wisconsin and NIU, both of which ended in conference championships. Check out the offensive productivity on the teams OC’d by Canada. You’ll see impressive scoring.

In spite of comments to the contrary on other threads, Wisconsin did not fire Canada, they desperately wanted him to stay. Canada’s unencumbered offense (Bielema finally let go the reigns of the play calling) had just put up 70 on Nebraska in the Big Ten Championship game.

The OL coach at Wisconsin in 2012 was an new hire (If I remember correctly, the previous one went with Chryst to Pitt). He was horrid. He brought a new philosophy and technique that simply didn’t fit Wisconsin’s style. Once he was let go, the offense picked up. It’s well documented and not disputed that Bielema held back the offense in 2012. Canada finally initiated a one-on-one with Bielema to open up the offense leading up to the Big 10 Championship game, a Badgers victory, 70-31, over Nebraska.

Badgers football: Offense was power struggle for Matt Canada, Bret Bielema

Bret Bielema, Matt Canada fought for control of Wisconsin’s offense