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Move long overdue. We haven’t shown much analytical analysis of folks that we hire, including DD. I think we need that type of background work to really make the best decision and pay what it takes. DD hired two coordinators that had just been fired and, further, neither had ever really done much in their careers. It was just a dumb idea. If DY couldn’t pony up enough money to hire $1M coordinators when DD was brought in, then she wasn’t thinking either. It does no good to bring in a new head coach without careful analysis and plenty of $ to get the best proven coaches possible.

DD is not analytical. We did not show any real coaching excellence over the past 3 years. You can see quality coaching immediately and we saw none of it, really since day 1.

There is still risk even if you pay big $ for top coordinators and assistants. But, if you don’t, you are likely to fail.

I think DD was a mistaken hire, but here’s to being proven wrong and that new coaches can make a real difference.