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Wufpacker – since you singled out my post. Its a simple question really… Part of effective leadership is surrounding yourself with quality people and recognizing good talent…another part is, of course, making tough decisions.

I can assure you, if this had been hux getting the ax – I won’t have applauded the decision. Like you, to me this strikes me as the lower hanging fruit.

I haven’t done the homework, so I don’t know how many effective coaches had to fire both coaches early in their tenure in the same season.

I just know this – one of the main reasons I support giving DD at least 6 years (in spite of a conference record that rivals only Tom Reed) is the belief that stability in itself can yield good results. When you have to fire coordinators, you set back that stability a bit it would seem.

But hey, we may just have that stability on the defensive side of the ball.

Who knows? I certainly don’t. I do believe that DD can be effective coach, but you’ll have to excuse me if I indulge in a little “self-flagulation”. I just call em as I see um with the knowledge that I don’t know the future and there is an exception to every rule.