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Of course, hux may be fired tomorrow. If that happens, what does it say about the head coach that he has to fire BOTH coordinators that he had hired 3 years into his tenure.

It says the head coach is next if things don’t change quickly.

You have to wonder what kind of coaching talent we can attract. Any one coming in has to know it is win or else time.

Thats a fair point and I dont want Yow anywhere near the next hire. However if he craps the bed next year then a reasonable coach could look at his 4 years body of work and understand why he indeed did get fired. The numbers are deceiving here. Also I imagine we are going to have to “break the bank” a bit more next go around to get someone not a project so I think there will be more money to entice someone.

I am praying we get a Air Raid prodigy coach or just bite the bullet and throw all sorts of money at Ken N (Navy) and be done with it. We will never recruit well for numerous reasons so might as well have a gimmicky offense. Would love to see the Air Raid in the ACC.