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Agreed, LRM. All 7-5’s aren’t created equal, and only a fool would view 7-5 next year as “stagnant.”

That said, I think the schedule will be good for us, IF we have anything in the tank. It will force our balls to drop, so to speak. We definitely won’t show up for October behind the learning curve again.

I am somewhat in between where the angry folks and Foose are at this point. I always saw this past season as more of a “consolidation” year, and I can understand how our record ended up what it was – WITHOUT it meaning bad things for our program.

BUT, overall…I wasn’t impressed by the overall talent level on the field at all. We looked physically overmatched far too often, and the play of our back seven was just shocking. Also, not especially encouraged by what we have coming in, certainly not in terms of “game ready” talent. This worries me.

That said, I give Doeren AT LEAST the next two seasons, and evaluate after that. Football is a slow build.

I would take 7-5 next season and not look back. With our schedule a 7-5 season would be tremendous progress.