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Talking to high school coaches I know that routinely send players to Power 5 teams, they like Doeren. I don’t know about their impression of the OC or DC and other assistants, but I’ll ask.

I’ve seen enough from Canada to stick with him. I do think he occasionally gets away from what works, and goes a little too Tecmo Bowl for my taste. Too much horizontal running and passing. I’m a north-south guy. The side to side junk only works if you can smash and go vertical, or have superior speed and big receivers who block well. Without those elements, you’re not going to be able to effectively stretch teams horizontally. With that said, I do think the loss of Thornton hurt us, far more than losing Dayes, and we desperately need more talent at the receiver position. Not getting the ball to Samuels more is/was inexcusable, particularly after injuries. Hand it to him.

Haven’t ever seen anything from Huxtable that I like. Too many issues on that side. We chase too much and play too soft. It’s not a recipe for luring recruits or success against the spread. Need more creativity and aggression on that side. I’d go young and creative, take a risk.