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Listened to the Saturday game. We were REALLY lucky there. Quickly got Wake down with 2 outs in the bottom of the 9th. BUT, then, we beaned (or maybe walked one and beaned the other) two batters. So the tying run and the winning run were on base. BUT, we pulled it out and got the 3rd out.

Watched most of the game last night. Again, we seemed to try to give it away. Even my wife commented that a more experienced team (WF) would easily have converted. We had a miffed fly ball to the outfield. THEN we decided to load up the bases….with NO outs (memory)…I admit to yelling at Foxhall loud enough to be heard in WS. THEN proceeded to get 3 out and avoid that little potential for a 4 run (GS homer). Exciting….but really….do we NEED this much?

We seem like a pretty solid team…..but we lose focus. Hope that all the maturity that we seem to have developed (maybe Elliott is learning from Gottfried…..loose some and build character and experience) will stay with us.

We need fewer mistakes (and charged “errors”) to be competitive….

Gotta play the Louisville gang….They are 40 & 12 (Conf 23 & 4) and we are 30 & 18 (Conf 14 & 12)….according to Standings. Fortunately, the 3 game stint is in Good Old (new) Doak Field…

GO PACK….just need to tighten up and play with poise and experience.