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If season ended today type stuff…

With the DH sweep and series win, Pack reclaimed the 7th seed and would still face UVa in one of the play in games. Wake/GT are now tied for the 8th seed, but I didn’t bother to figure their tiebreaker because they’d still play one another in the other play in game.

Carolina’s sweep of BC makes them the big winner of the weekend as they move up to the 4th seed, jumping Clemson and ND. BC dropped from the 8th seed to out of the field.

Miami and FSU are now tied for 2nd best ACC record overall, but again no tiebreaker necessary as the ‘Canes would automatically take 2nd seed as Coastal winner.

Current ACCT seedings…

1. Louisville 19-2
2. Miami 16-8
3. FSU 16-8
4. Carolina 13-10
5. Clemson 12-11
6. Notre Dame 12-12
7. NC State 11-12
8. Wake 11-13
9. Georgia Tech 11-13
10. UVa 10-14

Virginia Tech 9-13
Boston College 9-14