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Rodon said he went right to sleep Tuesday night after he gave up two runs on three hits, walked three and struck out one in his first appearance out of the Sox bullpen. He showed up to the Sox clubhouse Wednesday minus the mustache he wore for his debut — “change the juju up,” he said with a hint of superstition — and already was talking about moving on.

“I’m ready to get back on the mound, man,” he said.

That’s undoubtedly an answer the Sox wanted to hear from the prized youngster, whom Sox pitching coach Don Cooper said gets a “mulligan” for a moment unlike any other in a pitcher’s career.

“There was nothing where we wanted it last night,” Cooper said. “He threw more balls than strikes. I’m sure it had a lot to do with it, the nerves. He wasn’t finishing his pitches, was standing straight up at the end. I think the moment was a big moment.”