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I think that the better choice for the entrance song is Clint Mansell’s “Requiem for a dream”

check out this song and let me know what you think.
If it works for Oregon it should be good enough for the Pack. I see some people like the band to play and some people want to bring back the BOOM. The BOOM didnt work in the past so I see no need in bringing that back. The band…yeah nice classic touch but lets be real, we want to create an intense environment. A hostile environment that we can call a home field advantage. I think we took a great step to that this year. As an entrance song you want something thats gonna lead up to a grand entrance. The adrenaline and anticipation of the players running on the field is what we’re looking for. Todays age is about doing things that get the players excited and appeals to the recruits. Trust me, as a former college football player, things like this matter A LOT. An we want recruits to be successful.

Listen to the song through and imagine being in Carter-Finley with it packed out and the fans and students going crazy waiting on the players to enter.