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Hey, I spell my daughter’s name DEBRA not DEBORAH (as in Debbie of NCSU AD Fame). Sean, Shawn, or Shaun. The due diligence says that Sean and Shawn are tied….and Shaun is a distant 3rd. The first two are tied at 44% each.

I prefer the older spelling Shawn…..

I have never been able to get SHAWN out of my mouth when I read about Sean Connery. Looks like SEE ANN to me….but I don’t pretend to be that worldly.

Let’s hope that he does not have a daughter and names here Sue Kee Yu….now THAT would be a tough name to live down.

I have a friend whose name is Teets. He said that he daughters wanted him to change it during high school….as they were well endowed and had a LOT of nick names that were a play on their last name….