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“We will be pretty short-handed at the WR position, so not expecting a lot from the passing game.”

With Jonathan Alston JR, Bra’Lon Cherry JR, Jumichael Ramos JR, and Stephen Louis SO, returning at WR along with Jalen Samuels and Matt Dayes out of the backfield we are definitely NOT short-handed in the passing game.

Sure, we will miss Bo Hines and JVS but I’m more concerned with who we have than who we don’t have. Our passing game will provide as much if not more yardage this year than last year. Coach McDonald has done a great job with the receivers this spring. It looks like the “dropsies” have been cured.

Nyheim Hines in the slot is a more than adequate replacement for departing freshman, Bo Hines.

RSFR Maurice Trowell will add to the WR depth along with incoming FR Vernon Grier, Brian Sessoms, and Freddie Simmons. FWIW Sessoms has been clocked under 4.3 in the 40 by our staff. They couldn’t believe it and clocked him 4 times. That’s serious speed. Simmons has the hands, runs great routes and could be the possession receiver of the future.

The place to be concerned is the 4 starting tackles Who graduated — 2 OTs and 2 DTs. And that seems to be coming along nicely although injuries makes determining who will play where difficult to see this spring.