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I go with wheat straw and weeds before I’ll ever have another centipede lawn. I grew up sprigging that stuff in the two houses that my parents built..Had it in Beaufort, SC and Florence and just got tired of it. It is easy to maintain, but I just like green stuff…I don’t mind cutting it if I’m riding and drinking a beer either.

But, I have had a much smaller lot during the last 15 years so the mowing isn’t bad at all. The aggravating part has been not being able to aerate, fertilize, and reseed in the fall because of business travel…I’ve fixed that situation AGAIN…Last time I retired, I was out in the yard the next morning raking pinestraw thinking “is this retirement”???

Alpha, did you grow the Reapers from seed or plants? I may have to look for a couple of the plants tomorrow at the local farm and garden store. I used to park in the yard of a house behind Darlington Raceway twice a year at the races. Got to be friends with the couple who lived there. One year she gave me a bag of habineros that she’d grown. Went to the john during the race and set my “nutsack” on fire…After the race, went home, took a shower and we were eating dinner…I rubbed my eye and the fire was back on again!!! You couldn’t even touch those things without burning, so I would need to be very careful with the reapers.

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