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I was hoping for a better game from the refs. The inconsistencies are mind boggling especially on that big of a stage.K and Duke did a great job. Not many coaches would ride Allen like he did. I bet K worked the hardest he ever has for this one.Duke won with 4 freshmen. Only freshmen scored in the second half. At best two of them come back. So no you do not need a ton of experience and no you do not need to play together for three years to be good.

If two or three of them are lottery picks I will agree

So the argument changes again. Sigh.

Since I hadn’t previously jumped in on this one, I’m not sure how I changed my argument. My larger point is that it’s not quite as simple as whether or not you need experience. It’s a combination of talent ad experience. Teams with more experience can get by with less talent. Teams that are loaded with talent can use that to cover for some of the experience they lack. It’s what we engineers refer to as a multi-variable equation.

I agree with what you are saying. I feel people (not necessarily you) try to simplify it into “not enough expeience”. When in reality we have plenty of experience.
In today’s basketball landscape you pretty much have to be able to win now with the players you have regardless of experience or playing time together. With early departures and transfers the Wisky coach em up plan is not going to work very often.