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In the Northern part of Central VA, just east of the Blue Ridge, our last day for Frost is May 7th so I’ve got out all the hardy stuff like potatoes, cabbage (red and green), yellow onions, Kale (wintered over and getting ready to pick), a few turnips (nobody eats em but me, same with beets, and lettuce. The asparagus will be popping up soon. A tip for those that don’t know you can get a fall crop of asparagus as well if you mow it down in early Sept. Just have to fertilize a little over the winter to make up for the nutrient loss. I’m trying to go all Heirloom but some of the stuff don’t taste exactly right. Can’t find a good tomato to replace better boys. In the window, my red, green and jalapeno peppers are starting to come up. That’s all I started inside this year. Since changing jobs and traveling less, I hope to revive my once robust 40 x 80 foot garden.

And I did watch the Captain as a kid and Willard Scott as Ronald McDonald as well on the local TV channel (think it was 5 in DC.)

CD, hope Gov. Jerry’s water rationing don’t put the kabash on your garden.