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Gottfried’s model is unlike Wiscy’s (or UVA’s) or the Duke/KY model. Much more of a hybrid. Transfers are very much of his “secret sauce” formula, and I think that allows us greater flexibility and precision in building a roster.

We also aren’t a “system” school that depends on building up 3 stars and starting them as upperclassmen. Rather, we find “next tier” talent just a tick below the “one and done” types that the KY/Duke/KS all sign ad infinitum. We still get/go after a player or two like that, but there are still a ton of guys that are plenty elite in that next tier, you just have to do a good job identifying and signing them. Cat, Abu, Anya, and the Martins are good examples of this level of recruiting. Not “immediate NBA” talent, but that has some positives associated with it as well, yes?