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Before you guys jack Ryan off remember he screwed a kid trying to transfer. It’s well documented that he was an ass through the whole process.

Read the article.

“No one should think Bo Ryan is a bad dude. If that’s your takeaway from all this, you’re missing the point. Ryan is a great coach and one who genuinely does things the right way, and his reasoning for this isn’t as simple as “Oh, he’s just being vindictive.” That may be the case. It also may not. Either way, it’s beside the point.”

“Here’s the point: This is a bad rule that allows coaches to do things they shouldn’t be able to do when their players decide to transfer, one that speaks to the deep imbalance of personal efficacy in collegiate athletics. That’s what this is about.”

Every coach has put restrictions on transfers. In this case he overreacted some but no more so than Frank Martin at SC.