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Writing for the third time because I did not know the word police were here:

Sitton, Friday and Monteirh were tools of the UNCCH system and Dean network. He was a drunk and cheat in the 1980’s.

I had the honor to attend and graduate NCSU during this made up scandal. Some lack of oversight and issues yes. Scandal no. Se today at UNCCH for a real scandal. Everyone seems to forget that even the NCAA investigator apologized to Valvano. The whole affair did have a relationship to his early onset of cancer.

I at least got to tell Monteith what I thought of the situation after my graduation since he was the Dean of Engineering. I tried to explain to him that Valvano’s name recognition and love of the university would do more for us than any academic professor’s individual research. The conversation ended with me telling him “good luck and take care” (Google it if you don’t understand).

I wish I could have been 1,000 miles away during that time as it forever changed my view of justice, fairness, media and the government. Then to listen to all the comments from media coaches and the POTUS about Dean Smith well excuse me while I vomit on his grave. BTW am I the only one who thinks the four corners was not a revolutionary coaching idea? It was the most boring and chicken crap (word police) way to play BB I ever saw. I remember one of my JR. High friends beating A UNCCH fan like a drum when he tried to get his team to run four corners in a pick up basketball game to 21. I guess that kid he went on to graduate from UNCCH being as stupid as he was.

I can’t make a sentence with the name Dean Smith without using two words: F%%k and HIM