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Evan williams white label + sun drop

Top shelf my friend. A good way to wile away the game.

On to the Tigers … I think neutralizing Rod Hall’s penetration drives are the key to shutting them down. He sets up easy shots for Roper, etc. with kickouts and easy slash scores for Blossomgame. Mr. Barber, you’re up. I’d like to see copious amounts of Des Lee on Roper if Roper starts going off on us, again … And Freeman/Abu have to do the job on Blossomgame … I like Freeman on him. I think Anya may figure prominently in this one. Might see zone tonight if we’re having trouble with their motion and physicality, which all signs point to ‘yes’.

For the love of all that is holy, no ‘deer in headlights’ tonight … please! Barber and Lacey have to set the tone early … If we shoot 15 jupmers within 5 minutes then I have a feeling which way the night will go. Not playing the Cheats again … long jumpers with minimal movement or inside looks/penetration are what the Tigers want. Halfcourt is their game tonight, not ours.