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Is it just me being grumpy, or is this the thing you used to do AFTER Doeren retires 15 years from now with a record of 14-1 vs. UNC? Seems to me to be a reflection of our instant gratification culture. He beats the Heels once and we put up a plaque like he’s some sort of guru. Sort of silly to do it in year 2. After all, we did finish 8-5, and midseason, the consensus seemed to be that Doeren was in the middle of a steep learning curve in terms of on-field and game management decisions. Sure that record is a big improvement, but lets put it in perspective–it’s still not relevant nationally. If we proceed to lose the next five years vs. UNC (God forbid), I think this is one plaque that (like the abominable and plagiarized “Our State” campaign) is quietly dismantled and thrown in the dumpster…