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Selection sheets are updated:

You can bookmark the page – it’s automatically updated. State is page 53. Strong, but dicey. Compared to other bubble teams, State has a ton of things going for it – but there are a lot of losses. The only ‘silver lining’ from the BC game is that it was only the 2nd rpi 100+ loss. Not affordable, but on par or better as compared to other bubble teams. That said, State’s overall schedule is incredibly strong.

Gotta keep winning. 14 losses is the absolute max to remain viable in any way. Please note that I said ‘viable’, not ‘lock’. The Espn Bubble Watch – by far the best ‘Watch’ page – should be updated soon. They will take State to task, as they should.

Maybe it’s my negative side talking, but I really dislike how avoiding the play-in games is now considered a bye/2nd round.

The youth league mentality run amok, IMHO.

^Haha yeah … I think that was the NCAA’s way of attempting to ‘appease’ 16-seed auto-qualifiers who get relegated to the ‘First Four’. It’s pretty weak. “You’re in the tournament!!”. I don’t have a problem w/ expanding the field (no more than 68, please!), but it is kind of a slap to the face of those low major auto-qualifiers. I’m sure they and the bubble teams wouldn’t have a problem with it being called what it is: play-in round. The round of 64 is still the ‘first round’ to me.