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The “bye/2nd round” nomenclature actually dies after this season IIRC. plus For the rarest of rarities, common sense makes a COMEBACK. I doubt they will call it the “play-in” round, probably “preliminary” or something like that. But it will always be play-in to me, and shit, there’s no shame in that. You say you deserve a bid, go prove it in Dayton.

Win next 2, 90% in.

Win next 3 (ie, 1 in ACCT), 100% in.

Win 1 of next 2, plus 1 in ACCT, 50/50 (depends on who we play/beat).

Win 1 of next 2, plus 2 in ACCT, 100% in.

All of this would have been SO FUCKING SIMPLE had we just not shat all over the court in Boston. But that’s what we do in Boston, in all sports.