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I just thought that State’s position [Dance Card] was surprising after that disaster on Saturday.”

Agree. I’m surprised to see that ‘100%’ there. State needs at least 1 of the next 2 to remain viable 🙁


Let’s hope we make the point moot by beating Clemson Tuesday, but if Clemson do go 2-0 the only way I still see them truly getting at-large consideration is by them getting to the ACC finals.

It’s a pretty wild resume, but ultimately I think 4 RPI 100+ and 1 RPI 200+ loses spell doom barring something like the scenario above. There’s only one top 25 RPI win, and 3 total top 50 wins – one of which may not even make the tournament (Pitt). State could work their way back into the top 50, but that gets a lot more difficult if State loses to Clemson Tuesday night (irony). I think they’re toast, and I hope we get some revenge Tuesday night and remove all hope for them 🙂