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We should beat Clemson but not sure that these last two games decide our fate.

We should beat Clemson? Am I missing something? Didn’t they hand it to us at our place earlier in the year? Same record. Playing at their place, where we never seem to play well. We have the better team but we know that doesn’t always matter.

As stated earlier, it is impossible to tell what affect a loss will have. Now that we are in bubble land (and by all accounts we are), a loss could do serious damage if all our bubble-mates win. It’s fluid, there are two weeks to go, and we have a solid resume, but an 8-10 mark with some questionable losses will likely not pass muster for some. Of course, we still have the ACc tourney, but let’s not leave it up to that. Take care of business these next two and hopefully we’re safe.