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I truly hate the ‘coach can’t shot the ball’argument.
While true or is a hopelessly immature argument.
Sure coach can’t ‘shot the ball’
But the coach CAN
1) put the players in a goods offense to give them the best chance to hit the shot
2) build a good culture of defense do when the doors aren’t falling we are not completely screwed
3) change things up

It’s not like this is the only turd in this’d years punch bowl.

I’m just curious if you watched the game. Our best scorer air balled, I think, three shots. One of them was a layup. If there’s ever been a time for, “the coach can’t shoot the ball, it’s that.

As others have pointed out, the shots we didn’t air ball generally hit off the front of the rim. These guys shoot a high percentage. It’s not like they forgot.

How are we going to start driving and playing attack defense when we’re so out of sorts we’re air balling layups?

Hardly a ringing endorsement a fourth year coach.

BTW by this logic how does a coach ever win his first championship.

No other coach in NC State history has beaten Roy in the nose dome.

Carolina’s win% at the Smith center is 83.4%.

Gott is 1-3 at Carolina. So against Gott Carolina is 66.6% at home. Which is significantly lower. (I understand the sample size is small)