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I’ve heard from my UNC friends so many times how beating them is always so special to us because we treat it like our ACC Championship. I’m hearing it big time after losing to a bad BC today (damn social media!). I’ve always argued not true…BUT even I’m starting to believe its true. Seems the only game a NC State team and coaches can emotionally get up for is UNC, to the point that no game emotionally after it matters. Even if you are playing the last place team in ACC with a 9 game losing streak. Even if its a game you should win with huge NCAA bid on the line. Hey we beat UNC !! Lets storm Hillsbourgh St. Thus the historic 1-15 record after the win. Is that win so great because they are that good? Or because we measure our success on beating them?

We can all take comfort that the pundits have us still in the NCAAT but are we? Lets say we beat Clemson and lose to Syracuse. We will end regular season 18-13 (9-9). Basically just barely above .500 and lower bottom of ACC. I don’t have the confidence most have here, that does NOT get us into the Dance. If we lost to a lowly BC early on…perhaps. But unless we make some noise in the ACCT then we are NIT bound. Say we win 1 game in ACC T which means we are 19-14 come selection Sunday. We won’t go, theres just too many teams chasing us this year (Miami, Dayton, Texas, Pitt etc) that will make a late run. We will be the Miami of last year, clearly on the bubble and clearly playing in the NIT. Todays lost was so bad in more ways than just for our fanbase emotional stability.