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Espn Bubble Watch updated today

Also, here is NC State’s synopsis:

NC State [17-11 (8-7), RPI: 36, SOS: 3] Now that’s how you get off the bubble. A few weeks ago, a close loss against Virginia on Feb. 11 was the Wolfpack’s fifth in six games, with little, beyond that Jan. 11 win over Duke, to recommend them. Now? They’re safely in the field. That’s what happens when you beat Louisville and North Carolina on the road in late February. Suddenly, NC State’s No. 2-ranked schedule, top-40 RPI, and top-25 noncon schedule are backed up by three real-deal wins. The Wolfpack have moved up into the No. 8/9 seed range for now. It would take a downturn inversely proportional to the past two weeks for the Wolfpack to have to worry much the rest of the way. Merely avoiding a bad loss at Boston College Saturday may do the trick.

Interesting nugget:

N.C. State…is 1-14 in the next ACC game after a win against Duke or North Carolina since the start of the 1994-95 season.

This is why the collective sphincter of WPN will make a boa constrictor look weak tomorrow.