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RE: Lacey and Tokoto…

Tokoto was handchecking Tokoto on every occasion he could when “the ref wasn’t looking”. There was also a lot of “incidental” body contact that Tokoto initialed that was insufficient to disrupt the play and warrant a whistle especially when Lacey did not have the ball.

After a while that all looked “normal” to guys in stripes who were focused on bigger violations.

When Lacey attempted to bring this to the referee’s attention in second half, Tokoto responded with some trash talking.

As noted above, in the end, our man Lacey GOTT the last laugh…

Tokoto must have GOTT this idea from some close friends who dressed out on Saturdays and pretended to be defensive football players for Coach Hat last season – (nobody in their right mind in blue or red would suggest that they were defensive football players or accuse them of actually playing defense on the football field ).

And I’m also certain none of his close friends were embarrassed by Tokoto’s results as they were quite reminiscent of the State – Carolina football game where those same kids gave up more rushing yards than any Tarhole team in any game they ever played in Chapel Hill.

That game, of course, is poetically symmetrical to our basketball team holding the Holes to the fewest points they had ever scored in a men’s basketball game in the Dean Dome.

Tokoto and Lacey will meet for Round Three in just a couple of weeks.

#NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!