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Three out of four in last night’s RPI helper games resulted in our RPI going from 38 to 40.

Nitpick alert: The RPI RANKING went from 38 to 40.

I think that the problem with Palm’s “Reader” is that it also needs to include the teams ranked just ahead and just behind you as well. You want that group to lose.

Another way to think of it is that State’s win on Tuesday could easily have moved them past teams that haven’t had their mid-week game yet. So when you jump something like 15 spots, it’s not hard to imagine that if some of those teams win on Wed-Fri, then they could jump back ahead of State.

I try to get the RPI rankings on Fri and Mon for the RPI trending graphs to minimize that effect.

Is the one on ESPN not the same? They say RPI 35.

There are frequently small differences between the various RPI calcs. I guess you get what you pay for.