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WolfWiz11’s comments about covering his State shirt in the Dean Dome was very telling about this series when the games are played in Chapel Hill.

Just about every State team I’ve seen play since the 1980s has played like a scared rabbit in that place. A Wolfpack win there tomorrow night would shock me more than an ACCT run to Saturday night. Heck, a strong State performance would be almost as surprising.

I’m probably one of the few on here who think Kyle Washington should be playing a lot more, but remember, our most damning loss of the season came on an inside possession by Notre Dame, who pounded it inside against us to send the game to OT. KW sat out most of that second half, and I honestly believe had he been in the game at the end of regulation, ND would not have gotten that tip-in. UNC has just killed us inside lately, and you can bet they’ll pound it inside again Tuesday night. I think Gott will have to play #32, but I don’t think sitting out the entire VT game helped him or the team, especially with Carolina up next.

If the 3s aren’t falling for us tomorrow night, just where will the offense come from?