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Way back to the charge call on Hunt, I’d like to hear from others with more experience coaching/reffing/playing… C’Dog?

Here are the NCAA guidelines re: legal guarding position, they clearly state that that the primary defensive player can move to stay in front of the dribbler, and does NOT have to have both feet on the floor.

Art. 6. To maintain a legal guarding position after the initial position has been
, the guard:
a. Is not required to continue having the torso face the opponent;
b. Cannot have either foot out of bounds;
c. May raise the hands or may jump within his own vertical plane;
d. May shift to maintain guarding position in the path of the dribbler, provided that the guard does not charge into the dribbler or otherwise
cause contact;
e. May move laterally or obliquely to maintain position provided such a move is not toward the opponent when contact occurs;
f. Is not required to have the feet on the playing court when shifting in the path of the dribbler or when moving laterally or obliquely;
g. May turn or duck to absorb shock when contact by the dribbler is imminent. In such a case, the dribbler shall not be absolved from the responsibility of contact.