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I went all in after south Florida and was then disgusted by what I saw vs. Clemson and BC.

I hope “disgusted” was simply a bad IMO choice of words. I was disappointed by our play vs. Clemson, but certainly not disgusted. Had I not been so upset by how Clemson played the first half, I would have been relatively pleased by our effort in the second half. Clemson didn’t pull its starters until the fourth quarter had started. What there was to see was once again our players did not quit but played harder and with heart in the face of being blown off the field in the first half. Players and coaches not quitting is a very positive sign for the coaching staff.

On a more general note, I would be cautious about evaluating what I saw these coaches do. What we think they are doing may not be what they are actually doing. What one does in a teaching mode may not be what one would do in a playing mode. Fans can be painfully short-sighted. We only see the moment. Our defense was in a teaching mode in the first half or so of 2014. We were building a defense and we chose to teach basic defense before we installed blitz packages and that neat little trick where Pharaoh McKever dropped back into coverage. You can’t do that stuff if your base assignments aren’t second nature. A new defense that is being played with the players thinking about what they are supposed to be doing is not the same as the same defense with players flying around unrestrained by having to think. Rodman Noel’s second half of 2014 was All America type play while the first half was tentative.

IMNSHO we would all enjoy Doeren and the Wolfpack a whole lot more if we tried to understand what the coaches were doing or trying to do, instead of second guessing EVERYTHING they do by comparing it to what WE would have done.

Note to foose and Yogi: don’t waste your time with some POS troll — although I will admit I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. 😉 Glad to see you two guys back and Mr. DOG commenting about football.