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It can’t be a death spiral because next season is essentially a “do over” in terms of personnel, unless something really rotten is going on, that nobody behind the scenes is aware of (and they have had the chance to root around and find out the last week or two).

THAT SAID, there’s now a metric f-ckton of pressure on next season. It has to be SPECIAL. Not another bubble journey. Clear Top 20. No late flameouts.

Now, even that said…I have no idea what the repurcussions of MISSING that appropriate performance standard would be. Would DY really fire the guy she stuck her neck out to hire, as long as there was some tangible reason/excuse? Dunno. Would the money be available, given that we foolishly stayed in the low-rent ACC, and will likely need to pony up for a Doeren extension/raise at some point in the near future? Also dunno.