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Can’t read a football post without seeing a comment chiding those who expressed doubt of DD.

What an f’n joke.

YOU did more than ‘doubt’. You bashed and ripped, incessantly, the coach, the staff, and the players. In spite of those with knowledge and experience, those with playing and coaching backgrounds saying otherwise, you bashed… and bashed… and bashed. YOU knew better, YOU were the all seeing genius. It became a broken, bitter record with you. Every opportunity you saw or imagined, you took it to bash.

CD, myself, and others not only did not share your bitter opinion, we not only backed the coach, but we said we were fortunate to have him. We saw what he was doing; we were IMPRESSED. All the while you bitched, and bitched, and bitched.

You’ve earned all the ‘chiding’ you’ve received, and all that you still have coming.

He had a horrible first year

No, he did not. And you were told so. Repeatedly. But you didn’t want to hear it. You were happy wallering in your bitterness. The TEAM had a horrible season, per W’s and L’s. But the COACHES, and the program to a lesser extent, had a decent to good year, all things considered.

It’s a push so far.

So far from it.

You should’ve just stood by your criticism, or backtracked and apologized. This weaseling BS is pathetic.

If you simply don’t have the knowledge to see, then have your opinion, and share it if you wish. But that’s not what you did.

In the future, I would suggest that when you have an uniformed opinion, you shouldn’t be so loud and conspicuous in expressing it. But if you do, at least have the cajones to own up to it.

But don’t worry, it’s basketball season. You have a current outlet for your bitter ripping of NC State athletics and athletes.