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Rick: Good reply.

Mike: Wow, I don’t even know where to start. Let me address some of your points:
– Arch as a savior: I don’t think Arch is a savior. I think Arch’s success puts pressure on this situation. How long do you hang out knowing what is happening and miss on a potential special coach? The savior was his brother and Fowler @#$()*D that one up the first time and Arizona got smart after the tournament beat down over Duke (I firmly believe this was Yow’s #1 candidate initially, and she hinted as much in her press conference when firing Lowe). Arch wouldn’t actually be at the top of my list if we had an open position, but there’s a segment of the fan base that wants an alum for fear that a non-alum might leave us for bigger pastures (which by the way never happens).

– Lunatic fringe: See Rick’s post above. See sports boards off of any team college or professional. If anything, NC State fans are way too patient. Every time a coach sucks, we trot out V references about never giving up. We gave HWSNBN 5 dead years and kept him a 6th due to a recruiting class. We gave Lowe way, way, way too long.

– K recently at Duke: Let me get this straight. Do you actually think we’d “run off” a coach who has his team solidly in the top 10, is the head coach for USA basketball, just pushed over 1000 wins, is an absolute institution, and who brings millions of dollars in value to the institution? Riiiiiiiiiiight…..

– The woe is us, no one wants to take this job line of BS. We’ve had two straight ADs mess up coaching searches in ways that are well detailed. That does not mean no one wanted the job. Both times there were plenty of people who wanted it. We just fumbled on the goal line.

– Recruiting: In case you haven’t noticed, we have zero recruits signed for next season. That issue started well before this horrendous 5-9 stretch of basketball. Message boards have nothing to do with that.

– You want continuity, prepare for it. Gott’s basically got a lifetime contract. I have scratched my head multiple times at some of Yow’s contract moves.