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To continue since I did not want to put all in one rant:

Many of you want Gott gone and think Archie is the savior. I like Archie and wish him well but you have absolutely no idea how he would do in this league. Archie lost the other night to the 5th place team in the league by 17 points, blown out 77-60. How can he be a good coach getting blown out by the 5th place team in a weaker conference?

I will take this one step further – I was NOT, never was a Sendek fan. I was happy to see him gone and should have been gone long before he was. And while we say we dont really care what the media thinks, we do, because it is public perception and affects us in recruiting, reputation, and many other factors. Sendek walks away after 5 straight seasons and we are crucified in the media. We go to Lowe, and cant even sniff the tourney. Bring in Gott and 3 straight tourney appearances overcoming chemistry issues and head cases all 3 years, and now we are ready to run another coach out the door??? Who in their right mind would want that lunacy? An up and comer like Archie might, but what is in the back of his mind if there is one year where there are struggles? Get rid of Gott and let’s say Archie says no? THEN who comes in?

It’s amazing to me how the grass is always redder on the other side of the fence with the unknown. I am sorry, Archie is still an unknown entity. Or better yet, let’s look at previous Dayton coaches – they might be available.
* One coach had a 120-68 record (.638 winning pct) over his last 6 years there. Who wants Oliver Purnell?
* One coach had a 172-94 record (.646 winning pct) in 8 years there. Who wants Brian Gregory?
* Archie is 63-37 (.630 winning pct) in his first 3 years.

It is not like Archie took over a bad program. In fact, Dayton wom 20 games the previous 4 years before Archie took over, and won 19 the 5th year before. I would venture to say the program has regressed just slightly in Archie’s time but nevertheless the percentage speaks for itself. Archie may be doing a great job and may end up being a great coach but dont put all your eggs in an unknown basket. By the way, just for fun, Gott’s winning percentage over the same 3 years as Archie is .648.