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Was anyone really surprised by last night’s result? We’re in year four, and it’s clear what we’ve Gott.

There’s way, way more talent on this team than our record. I’ve seen a lot of mediocre to bad basketball over the last 20 years, and this team is among the NC State leaders for doing less with more. It’s up there with the Brown/CJL/Howell/Wood year and HWSNBN’s 5th season (Wilkins last year before Hodge).

Coming out flat, blowing leads, poor FT shooting (except for a guy named Scott Wood who single handedly raised our team’s percentage), weak with the ball against tough defense, poor defense and poor end of game strategy are consistent issues. At a certain point, if you rotate out the players and still see the same trends, it’s the coaching.

My question is how much longer it takes for this thing to unfold and what opportunities pass us by while it does. I fully suspect Gott to be back next year, but with the seat officially warm. The question to me is what happens to Archie/Smart/Marshall (which I think would have to be our top 3 targets).