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OK….are you PARANOID? Did you think that your emails and texts and phone conversations were “fair game” for the “Most Honest and OPEN Administration” in history? If you thought that, then maybe you OUGHT to be PARANOID. OFF the SOAP…

Here is the statistics….courtesy of StatSheet. Karl Hess, has NOT officiated ANY game since Jan 8. NADA….his dance card was revoked.

Up to and including the Jan 07 UVA game, we had an average of 17.375 FPG. I did not do any “massaging” like throwing out the high and the low or looking only at “league” play…just the PURE numbers.

Starting with Duke (Jan 11), we have averaged 20.8 FPG. That is a 3.425 FPG INCREASE or a 19.7% INCREASE. Co-incidental? Random? Who knows. What IS interesting is that the FPG have stabilized. Did not do a SD on the data….but eyeballing it, the SD for the last 5 games would be small….compared to the previous 16…..

You can Google NCSU Statsheet and look at the data yourself(ves) and draw your own conclusions…..We DID have Dorsey at least once since then and he was in tears and flashed his new KH4EVR Tattoo at Coach G.

I totally agree that the ND game was inconsistently called… have been many. MAYBE we do step up our D…but if you watch the “Foul” monitor, we usually get a BUNCH, before our opponent catches, if ever, up.

BUT, you got to play….and you have to be smart.

I give data….you analyze…..but that little nagging sensation is inside me. Like when I write an email and mention a product to someone….dadgummed if I don’t get a “pop-up” advertising it….