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Thanks so much for these check-ins. I don’t even have the heart to offer a silly comment on any trends after we went through the Miami and ND games.

Same situation, different year. There’s always hope, I guess.

One thing about Syracuse – their conference schedule has been very favorable to this point, but with the exception of the Clemson game they won the winnable games that were in front of them. This has kept them in the conversation. It’s also one of the benefits of such a schedule – they can have a positive outlook going into a tough stretch and try to steal an important win or two.

Contrast that with the Pack – can they win the winnable games? It’s a damn lot tougher to do after demoralizing losses. I sure hope ND and Clemson’s ugly as shit basketball style don’t beat us twice on Wednesday evening. Really bad timing on the Clemson game. Gottfried teams have never fared well against their brand of basketball (ugly, physical D oriented slop fests).