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OK who is it that believes potential recruits never scout schools for the most playing time that’s why Kentucky, Duke, and Carolina always have good classes, those great players leave early, then they get great players in positions that will yield the most playing time. they also retain quality players’, what I call second tier recruits. So yeah recruiting may be off a little for next year. but where you going to play if you are a top recruit, the core of this class is not going to leave.

Also this team is well balanced, tough year with the sixth toughest schedule in the country and you believe that the coach sucks and the players have no heart.

What sorry fans yaw are, that was a good team they played last night and yes they almost won, You can believe that we never get looked over when we are playing these so called elite basketball programs. keep believing your team is second class and hopefully that self fulfilling prophesy will never come true. but this team will win more games than they loose and will probably knock off another number 2 team before its over.

I for one “BELIEVE”