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Despite his flaws, I like Gott. Despite its flaws, I like this team. They don’t quit. And IMO they are on the verge of putting it all together. They have proven they can play with the best in the country — they played well enough to be in position to win against Duke, UVA, UNC, and ND… sure, they only won one of them, but the point is that this team can play with the best. I believe wins are coming in more of these games.
6. I think we will make the NCAA tournament this year. And I think next year, losing only Des and Turner, but gaining Henderson, we are going to be a really good team, a team that can challenge for top 4 in conference.

I like Gott for the most part but am sick of his coaching. His recruiting is dropping like a rock. His seeming in ability to teach good defensive fundamentals. Fighting over a screen, boxing out, etc. are what keeps him in the bottom of the ACC.
This team is not going to “put it all together”. They are what they are. If Turner and Lacey are hitting we have a chance to win. We can gain and lose a lead with lighting quickness. We seem to not have the ability to finish games.
And truly laugh out loud if you think this team will be anything but a mid tier ACC team next year, or the year after etc.