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I WILL defend the first hail mary pass. Why?
1. Aggressive play, and most of you here criticize lack of aggression.
2. How much trouble have we had with the press this year? A TON!
3. Who knows if the stripes would have called the foul? They missed so many rape calls against us it is not even funny.
4. Most teams do that at the end – see it all the time.
5. We inbound and get fouled, how is our FT shooting at the end? No guarantees we make both to go up 4.
6. I saw Martin take off and break free – he was open but a poor pass hurt us. Lacey knows only to throw it if it is open and he was, until the ball hung in the air like a punt.
7. Who is to say we would not have made a similar poor pass in bounds?
8. A pass from Lacey that is accurate 99 times out of 100, and Martin goes in for a dunk and a 4 pt lead, game over.

The stripes were terrible and I dont want to blame a loss on the stripes – but the whistles did change the complexion of the game. We got hacked all night and very few calls. We got called for several phantom and touch fouls all night. As a result, we lost our aggression on D, and we lost our will to drive and settle for the J.