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Earlier today, a Duke buddy (Duke Law grads that stick around the area tend to be mostly ok) told me “I’d love to see State keep their mojo, I’m very low on the Holes these days. Making for very difficult dinner table conversations when my kids ask why they are still allowed to play if they’ve cheated for 18 years, etc.”

My response “It’s a relief when they’re old enough to tell them the simple truth that the world is an unfair, corrupt, and shitty place, and the best you can do is give it the finger by living a good and decent life and not playing their games.”

Give the Holes, the Swoffy Cabal’s specially selected refs, and the corrupt POS world the finger on your way to the bench, ALMKH. And have a late night snack on BJD95, for which NC State will no doubt receive the death penalty for my joking about.


/seasonal affective disorder RULZ!!!