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Are we talking stopping the break after a make with a press? Or stopping the break period…make or miss?

An important distinction.

Token pressure (i.e., a backcourt trap and hedge) to delay a halfcourt set is fine.

Typically there are two simple keys to beating the Cheats under Roy: rebound the ball and make them play in the halfcourt (the Butler blueprint from earlier this season). That said you have to play to your own strengths first and foremost. State will push when there are good opportunities to do so.

The Holes will always look to attack down-court, especially after made baskets. No program is consistently better at doing this. Attacking quickly after opponent baskets is a staple of Roy teams. That’s when match-ups and personnel matter. Everybody has to know assignments after each play. The Holes under Roy love to pressure you by forcing tempo.

Rick Pitino has never defeated the Cheats. This past Saturday he did the unthinkable and abandoned his trademark press and pressure in order to force a halfcourt game. It worked for 75% of the game.

As for match-ups, I think Tokoto is the wildcard. Interested to see who is matched on him on both ends of the corurt. I like the idea of mixing in some zone traps or even a little box-and-1. I’d like for Cat/Lee/Martins to be fronting Paige no matter what (man D or otherwise). We have some advantages in the halfcourt. Good ball movement and making them work on D could really free up Lacey and Turner to do their thing.

Should be an interesting match-up. Of course, if they’re allowed to assault us like they did when Warren “turned it over” in OT last season then who knows.