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Great analysis 1.21.
I’ve only seen the Pack play once this year against Tennessee. I was underwhelmed. It seems we have plenty of firepower, especially from outside (Turner, Lacey) and I think by the end of the year we are going to have a beast in Abu inside. The support players are there in Washington and Martin. However, as in most chemical reactions, you need a spark and/or catalyst. His name is Cat Barber.
I’ve been most amazed at how timid Cat is. He is typically the quickest person on the floor yet hesitates to slash. He also passes up seemingly easy 10 ft jumpshots that a point guard should look for all day. His defense is good but only if we get a chance to play in a half court set.
Is he afraid of getting pulled? Is this some type of hangover from last year when he was splitting time with Tyler? Maybe. Cat has really only been THE MAN for this year and is still learning.
If he doesn’t improve I don’t see us improving much. The unorganized looks we’ve seen will continue. If that does occur then Alpha nailed it. The question will have to be asked of why is the talent we are bringing in not improving? A lot hinges on this year and one young man.