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1.21 Jigawatts

I want to point out something for everyone and it’s not a knock on Brissett just want to put him in the context of recent history at NC State.

We all know State has had 3 future starting NFL QB’s on the team since 2000. So what has State done in conference when you compare those 3 QB’s (Rivers, Wilson, Glennon) and everyone else?

2000: 4-4
2001: 4-4
2002: 5-3
2003: 4-4

2004: 3-5
2005: 3-5
2006: 2-6
2007: 3-5

2008: 4-4
2009: 2-6
2010: 5-3

2011: 4-4
2012: 4-4

2013: 0-8

PR/RW/MG: 36-36 (.500)
Everyone Else: 11-29 (.275)

So even with future starting NFL QB’s State has been .500 and down right awful without them. Football is a team game and yadda yadda yadda. This shows what the coaches have failed to put on the field and only the saving grace of extremely talented QB’s has prevented State from being a doormat the entire time.

What does this mean for Brissett? We know there’s very little talent or depth surrounding him for 2014 so please don’t expect this team to do better than 2 ACC wins unless Brissett shows future NFL talent that hasn’t been seen on the field yet. Even Russell Wilson went 2-6 in 2009 with an underperforming team.