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Billiam,I’m thinkin’ that by now, my soil is about 20% clay,20% sand and the rest cheap top soil and cow pasture.

I only grow indeterminates these days. Mortgage Lifter, Parks Whopper and Big Boy this season.

I love the baying of the hounds, man.

Troll, just get yourself a youngish one, make sure he or she knows who supplys the “domestic” food.

Cats prefer the great outdoors naturally. Lifespans and “ownership” are never taken for granted. We’ve gone thru a couple dozen…but living in the hills with coyotes, cougars,and Great Horned Owls assured that only the wiley survive. I did have one make it 17 yrs,though.

I wouldn’t let it outside on it’s own til 6 months and neutered.

Depending on where you live, cats in NC have few preditors. As a rule, Red Tails,Coopers,Bards and fox don’t like dealing with claws. Great Owls don’t mind,though. Did you know the Red Fox is a tree climber?