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I blame all my gardening problems this year on wabbits and weather…I want a Cherokee Purple so bad!!

The more I listen, the more I think “us Q cookers ain’t never gonna agree on anything” when it relates to cooking Q. And probably none of us can do it as good as “some old deceased fellers in Eastern NC that I used to know that would cook that stuff all day long and have it ready with a cold beer about 5:30.”

I have a friend who makes this big deal about his “secret family ingredient in his Q sauce”…Yea, right, like that’s BS…I’ve got one or two or three myself…I just don’t tell you which one and usually it’s inconsequential cause it cooks off and you never taste it…like a bottle of Blenheim ginger ale in the sauce…ooops…I slipped up…

"Whomp 'em, Up, Side the Head"!